Mommy Life: Log Entry 1

Motherhood is filled with so many moments.  Sometimes those moments are wonderful, sometimes you’re like “Oh-God-help-me.” I know all you mothers can relate. My brother (single, without kids) from time to time will get a sneak peek into my life. I think he often finds my life entertaining but once and awhile I’ll get a question like: “So, when are you going to hire some help?” Needless to say, I am looking forward to seeing him get married and having kids.

Since I enjoy hearing about other mommy stories, I’m going to share some of my own. It’s always nice knowing I’m not alone in the adventurous journey of motherhood. Plus, some of my non-parent readers will have something to look forward to.  God bless their hearts!

Before you read the following, please be warned!  The content will be graphic and very personal.  Judgement ends here!

That moment when…

  • I’m bathing both of my toddlers; and my son treats bath time like it’s time for him to work on his negotiation skills. He realizes bath time is part of our nightly routine, and we’re basically preparing for bed. So he begins to conjure up ways to get out of going to sleep. This particular night he’s requesting to eat some more chicken and like most kids, he’s acting like he’s starving. Keep in mind I just fed him and I IMG_5020[1].PNGspecifically asked him if he wanted more chicken before his bath! Of course he said no.  Still, I’m considering the fact he’s 3 years old and it’s the weekend, so I tell him I’d talk with his Dad to see if it’s possible.  I simply wanted to make sure his Dad was agreeable to a later bedtime. To which my son responds, “Mommy do you remember what Jesus said?” Without waiting for my response, he continues: “Jesus said all things are possible.” 
  • I wake up early in the morning and there’s literally poo laying right next to me. I’m not really sure what it is because I’m barely awake. First off, I was raised in the country, so something that is roundish and brown could literally be anything! I’m half asleep, so I figured I should check my baby’s diaper for evidence. To my amazement it was clean. At this point I do what every mom does…the sniff test! Yep, it was poo! Lord knows how the poo completely missed her diaper (which was properly put on) and was dropped on my bed. Just another way my kids like to say: “Good morning Mommy!”
  • I found my baby girl eating hair ties like they were Skittles. Well they are colorful! Apparently she wanted to taste the rainbow!!
  • Your toddler knows the importance of listening to his Mommy; but he doesn’t quite understand why his Daddy doesn’t. So he asks, “Mommy, why is Daddy not listening to you?”
  • If you’re a mom you already know there’s no such thing as personal time, especially in the bathroom! My son walks into the bathroom and asks me: “Mom did you poo-poo in your undies too?” I was completely caught off guard by his question. Uh, is it already time for me to explain to my 3-year-old about female menstrual cycles?




That moment when you’re so exhausted from the day. You’d love to take a nap but you have two toddlers. Sometimes I want a babysitter just so I can take naps!



  • You want to teach your toddlers scriptures, but then they use them to support their actions against your will. “No son, you cannot have candy!” He replies, “Mom, I can do all things through Christ!
  • I was at our local Target store in search for a new white blouse. I knew my baby girl was already in a cranky mood, but I decided I was going to bulldoze through it. Unfortunately, she wasn’t understanding my need for this new blouse. She decided to cry to the point she gagged. Now I have a City Select 2-seater stroller and I thought if she faced her bother she would be easily entertained.  Nope!  In stead while facing her brother she began to vomit. At this point I felt like a veteran mom. I was literally catching vomit with her shirt. My son was sitting and staring in awe, truly the only one entertained by the entire situation. I finally pulled my baby girl out of the stroller and tried to take her shirt off without getting all the vomit in her hair. Apparently she wasn’t done vomiting and decided to do some more on the Target Women’s clothing section floor. Thankfully I was prepared with an extra set of clothes and a plastic bag. Note to new moms: always, ALWAYS have a bag and extra set of clothes! I cleaned it all up and continued my shopping. I was determined! In that moment I saw a friend I hadn’t seen in a year. Right when I was about to call her name out, I stopped myself. My pride reminded me of the incident that just took place. I was a “hot mess!” Vomit was all over me, which meant I smelled. My daughter was not her typical cute, happy self and by this time my son was compelling me to stroll down the train isle. I didn’t have the “I got everything under control” look on my face, that we Mothers put on everyday. I shamefully walked the other direction. Sorry my friend.
  • We were riding in a tour bus back to our cruise ship. It was a long day and we had a 2 hour drive back.  I was working hard to keep my 1-year-old occupied. She was at the point she was ready to get out of the bus, so I decided to have her jump up and down on my lap. Success! She was giggling and having so much fun. After a few giggles, IIMG_3504looked at my arm in wonder. I discovered she was pooping all over me throughout the entire jumping game! It was so bad, it looked like I was the one who had the accident. To make matters more interesting, my brother was sitting right next to me.  He was completely unaware he had poop all over his leg too!  The last 15 minutes of the bus ride was spent cleaning up poo off of each other and changing my daughter on our laps.  No doubt we reeked! I was so thankful it was the end of our tour and not the beginning.

Now it’s your turn! Do you have an epic mommy or daddy moment? Please share it with us. Motherhood is filled with so many adventures. It helps to have a good sense of humor. Let’s laugh together. Laughter does the heart good, like medicine!

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