Mommy Life: Log Entry 2

I often hear from friends my life appears to them like “I have it all together!” I don’t mean to give the idea I don’t ever go through tough times, because I absolutely do. EVERY ONE DOES!! In regards to my struggles, I simply have learned to lean on and trust in God with everything; and rely on his grace to get me through my trials. I may not announce my battles with a bugle horn but I definitely share some of my battle scars in my blogs.

In my Mommy Life logs, I like to give my heart some medicine and look back at some of those trying days with some comical relief. I might as well. It sincerely helps having a sense of humor when raising kids. If you haven’t read my Mommy Life: Log Entry 1, you’ll crack up after reading about what I woke up to one morning. I think that image will haunt me for the rest of my life! Now that I have two toddlers, I’m thinking motherhood and humor are synonymous.

So enjoy my Log Entry 2 in my Mommy Life. I hope it will lighten up your day! You’re never alone in your Motherhood journey!

That moment when…

  • img_4921My children requested I make sandcastles with them in their sandbox. Being the artistic person that I am, I eagerly join in the fun. After a few moments, I realize we’re not creating anything. I’m merely setting up sand towers in the sandbox for them both to destroy. I seriously start to get frustrated. I began thinking to myself this feels oddly symbolic of my life! I clean the house, only for it to be in a disarray moments later. I clean their little faces, only to find my youngest eating dirt. I wash their hands, only to discover my oldest itching under his underwear. I put away all the laundry, only to find a trail of shoes and clothes everyone wore the day before. I eventually come back to reality and say to myself: “It’s not that serious Mom…it’s just sand!” Lord help me, if they ask me to build them a tower out of blocks today!
  • I underestimated my son’s cognitive ability to truly appreciate my traveling experience. I’ve been anxiously waiting to share all of my journeys with him but I wasn’t expecting it to be so soon. sdc13077For some reason I anticipated the conversation to take place when he’s in 5th or 6th grade. To my astonishment, while gazing at his new playroom rug, he began to ask me about specific landmarks. With gleeful delight, I run to grab some of my travel photobooks. I think to myself, “Yay! Finally someone else who appreciates my travel photobooks as much as I do!” It was a perfect way to assure myself of all the hard work I put into creating those books and all the dusting they require.
  • I head into Costco to do my monthly shopping but I realize my Costco Membership card is lost. To avoid any further frustration, I decided to avoid the hassle of looking for my old one and request for a new card. I put both of my toddlers in the shopping cart side-by-side and place their diaper bag behind them.  Once the Costco Service Representative requested for my I.D., I reached into the diaper bag. My daughter was watching me very intently. In that moment, I remembered I was hiding her favorite book in the diaper bag. My efforts of hiding the book failed! She saw the book and began screaming for me to read it. The Costco Service Representative thought my daughter wanted to be held and be part of my new Costco Membership card picture. I assured the Rep. it had nothing to do with her wanting be held. In that instant I heard myself explaining to her the situation: “Oh no, my daughter just wants a book. I was hiding it from her.” Suddenly, I think to myself: “Oh my goodness, I’m such a bad mom! Who hides books from their children?” In my defense, I was seriously tired of reading that book for the tenth time all in the same day! No exaggeration! Anyone who has watched my children, know they’ll be reading books for at least an hour! The Costco Representative is so impressed and she emphasizes how brilliant my daughter will be one day. I shamelessly walked away from the counter, feeling bad I caused my daughter’s meltdown by withholding her favorite book.
  • My husband and I are in the midst of a heated discussion and my son excuses himself into our conversation only to quote a scripture directed to us. “Dad, Mom…Do everything without complaining and arguing! (Phil 2:14)”
  • My son begs me to the point of tears if he can go to Alaska!img_2607 Then he reminds me daily it’s taking so long for us to go. “Why can’t we go today Mom?” I keep thinking, “Why would a three-year-old want to go to Alaska?”
  • My husband had been away for a few days and I arrogantly think I can handle specific tasks that typically require the both of us. Still I spur myself into thinking “I got this!” At my first stop, I arrived too early. The store was not open for another 20 minutes. I decided I can wait it out with my two toddlers. I was trying to do a “cash for clothes”exchange. Sadly, I greatly underestimated the heat and my swollen feet in my stilettos (part of my Sunday best garb). Nevertheless I keep a positive attitude. I remind myself, I’m about to get some extra cash! By this time, the store is about to open and a line is forming. Since I was the first to arrive, I was granted first entrance. As the  sales representative opens the door, I grab two of my three large boxes of clothes. My son gets overtaken by the customers in line and my daughter decides to walk the opposing way. With my arms full, I try to recover my son. I ended up dropping the boxes in my Sunday best, grabbing my daughter and like a sheepdog, herd my children into the store. Keep in mind, I still have a crowd trying to make their way into the store behind me. Thankfully a Grandma so graciously offered her help out of frustration of me holding up the line. Unfortunately the sales representative did not excel in customer service. I was lost on how to check in my boxes and the customers behind me were taking over. Thankfully I was able to get some direction and fill about the appropriate paperwork, while my toddlers were crying at my feet. I question the length of the process and I decide I’m going to wait again. Another 20 minutes later, my feet are screaming at me and my toddlers are getting restless in this overly congested store. I decide it’s time for me to check in with the Sales Representative. It took several minutes for the Rep. to find my items but I was thankful they were done. She proceeds to explain why they didn’t take 99% of my items and quotes me $5 for the exchange of a couple items. I instantly laugh. At this point my toes feel like they’ve lost all circulation. My toddlers are giving me the “I need a nap ASAP” behavior and I’m thinking I did not envision going home with those three bins full. Was all of this really worth $5? Oh, God no! That is why I had no other choice but to laugh.
  • I’m at the cash register of my favorite grocery store. I had a moment where I felt pretty pleased with myself. One toddler is in the shopping cart and the other has been my side-kick while I shopped. img_5521I reflect on my success…I haven’t spilled anything (well nothing that required the store’s attention), I haven’t had to chase anyone down and no one had a melt down. While the Bagger put my groceries in the cart, I take a look at my son and I see him chewing. I know I did not give him anything to eat. I ask him, “Are you eating?” To my astonishment, the lady behind me in the line, who has been starring at my son the entire time, replies: “Yes, he is.” I first address my son about the importance of purchasing an item before eating it. Then I addressed the lady behind me, in the most polite way I could, “Uh, you should of told me.” Note to readers: Help a Mama out! Please don’t just stare for your entertainment.


Now it’s your turn! Do you have an epic mommy or daddy moment? Please share it with us. Motherhood is filled with so many adventures. It helps to have a good sense of humor. Let’s laugh together. Laughter does the heart good, like medicine!

Want to read more? Click on the link for Mommy Life: Log Entry 1


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