A Special Message to all My Family and Friends…Baby Announcement

Did you guess it? Yes, I’M PREGNANT!!! We’ll be expecting Baby #3 this September! We are very excited and thankful to God for answering the prayers of our hearts.

Big brother, Matteo is more than ready to guide his sister, Milana on how to be a big sister. In fact, he’s been praying for a new baby for sometime. One morning in December, he prophetically spoke to me, “Mom you are pregnant. There’s a baby growing inside you right now!” He’s even had a name picked out for our new baby for months. Needless to say, I couldn’t ask for a better eldest son. He’s a wonderful big brother.

Soon-to-be big sister, Milana already has the makings of a great “sister-mommy”. She helps wash her brother’s hair during bath time and would willing feed him, if he would let her. Ironically one of her favorite books is “Baby Moses and the Princess” by The Beginners Bible. In the story Miriam, Moses’ sister helps care for her baby brother, Moses. I’d say God has already been preparing her for her new role as big sister.

As for my hubby and I, we are very excited! I know many friends and family probably thought we were done having babies, after all we already have a boy and girl. It’s funny how our society has conditioned us to think all we need is one boy and one girl to have that perfect family. Although we are extremely grateful to God for blessing us with a boy and girl, just as we desired, we know he has called us to parent more.

Why we want to have more children?

Interestingly before we began having children (we were married 8 years before we were pregnant with our first child), my husband would often ask older male acquaintances and mentors what advice could they give to their younger selves or if they had any regrets. We found their responses shocking. We would’ve guessed their greatest regret would have been about a business deal or career choice. Yet most said they wish they would have had more children and wish they would’ve spent more time with their children when they were younger. After hearing those words multiple times from different individuals, it certainly grabbed the attention of my young husband. It wasn’t long before deciding we wanted to have four children close in age.

As an adult, I feel like I’ve appreciated the relationship I have with my brother more and more. I love to see adult siblings enjoying the company of each other even after their parents have passed on. I feel like one of the greatest gifts I can give to my children, aside from introducing them to Jesus, is the gift of a sibling. Friends often come and go, but like the scripture says in Prov. 17:17, “a brother/sister is born to help in time of need.” I want my children to be able to have someone to call on to help encourage them in times of hardship, who better than their sibling.

When I tell others I want four children, I often get that look from other parents, like “You are crazy! How are you going to do it?” It always amuses me, as if having four children is unthinkable. I know I’m not the first mom to ever have more than two children, nor will I be the last one. Sure it’s going to require a great deal of sacrifice, prayer and lots of patience, but it’s only for a short season of time. They’re not going to be infants, toddlers or teenagers forever. Like all children, they all grow-up! So, I plan on enjoying the journey along the way and take it step-by -step. If I ever feel overwhelmed, I know where my strength comes from (Ps 121:1-2) and I know there are other mothers I can call on for help.

A note from my heart…

Sometimes a big hurdle for parents when it comes to having more children is their finances. Understandably so there’s a great deal of change that occurs in the family budget when a child is born. As a Californian Stay-At-Home-Mom, I often can feel that same pressure, pushing me to go back into the workforce-with the cost of living high and the needs of my family growing. However, I find God faithful to His promise to ALWAYS provide for our needs (Phil 4:19). I know He has called me to be home with my children for this season and I’m choosing to be obedient. Furthermore I need to say that since we are tithe-payers, there’s never a hole in our pocketbook! If God has pressed upon your heart to adopt or have more children, I pray you trust in Him to meet all your needs. He is FAITHFUL!!

Thank you to all my readers! We are delighted to share this special news with all of you. We appreciate your prayers and love in advance, as we eagerly anticipate our new gift from God. I hope to keep you posted with my progress. We have our second ultrasound later this month!  

P.S. We’ve already upgraded our car to make room for the next car seat! 

Just for fun, I posted my pregnancy announcements with my first two babies below.

Baby sister’s announcement

Our gender reveal photos… 

 Our firstborn’s announcement

We took the future grandparents out to dinner to Zocalo’s in Downtown Sacramento. We gave them each a gift to unwrap-our photo announcement featuring the first ultrasound, an invitation to the delivery and a CD of the baby’s heartbeat. They were ecstatic!

One of my favorite pictures of me pregnant with our baby boy.

6 thoughts on “A Special Message to all My Family and Friends…Baby Announcement

  1. I love this. You get a crazy look from people when you say that you want 4!! Ha! Hilarious. After I tell people how many kids I have, initially there is shock but many elders who chose to only have 2 also say the same thing “that they wish they would of had more children”. Great Read and congrats again!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Mama! I really admire you and your family. It’s so beautiful! God has definitely graced you with an extraordinary ability to mother many. I see how you love and discipline your children…you have skills! 😂


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