Baby #3 Bumpdate: I’ve Reached My Halfway Mark 

I can not believe how fast this pregnancy is going! I’m already passed the halfway point!!  I’m 21 weeks! Ahhh! I’m seriously trying not to think of it to avoid preparation anxiety. Everyone who knows me well, knows I’m a planner. Last week I barely started my baby #3 preparation list. I’m already feeling behind! A note to my overly critical self: I had both of my toddlers’ birthdays and Easter all in a span of 9 days, slowing me down before I could get to the grind of preparing for Baby #3. Now I’m ready to start the hustle!

A picture taken by my hubby in a car garage. Bump is part baby, part food! We had just finished our Easter brunch.

I already know what all of you are thinking: “Do you have a name yet?” The answer: “No, not yet.” We have a couple ideas but nothing either of us are sold on them. I constantly have this battle in my mind between uniqueness and simplicity. For example, my name is Angelita. Growing up it was very unique. In fact, it wasn’t until I became an adult did I hear of someone with the same name. The community I grew up in had difficulty even pronouncing my name. I’ve been called everything: Angie, Angela, Angelina to Angelica. I gave up correcting everyone and decided to respond to anything that began with the letter “A”. Now I’m thinking do I want my kids to go through the same thing? Although I’m taking into consideration my experience had a lot to do with the fact I grew up in a small country town and unique names were rare. My kids on the other hand are growing up in a city with one of the highest diversity ratings in our country. I’m probably overthinking it, like I do with most things. At this point, I just need to pray!

A picture of my dear friend (she’s also my son’s Godmother) and my daughter, Milana at her 2nd birthday party at our house

What I’m feeling:

I’ll admit at the beginning of my second trimester, I was feeling the surge of energy returning to my body. Lately it seems like I need to nap everyday my kiddos. Instead, I use that time to clean house and prep dinner, but start with a short run on my treadmill to get my adrenaline pumping again.

What I’m craving:

I don’t get cravings often, but once in a while, I’ll want some dark chocolate Ghirardelli brownies and sushi! Just not together! Since I can’t eat sushi, I’ve been opting for baked rolls. Thankfully they’ve fulfilled the craving.

What I can’t stand:

The weight gain! I know it comes with the territory of being pregnant. However, weight gain in general is hard on the body. I’m not enjoying the now harder struggle of carrying my laundry upstairs or how my heart rate jumps up with little movement. This is why I’ve been working so hard to keep my body strong. Getting my endorphin levels up has been a life saver! With two toddlers that’s exactly what I need: strength and energy!

What I love:

I absolutely love how my daughter hugs me every day and says “my baby”. The first time she did it, I was completely caught off guard. She grabbed me at my leg (I think she was trying to reach higher but her little legs were not helping her), kissed me and repeated those words. It was the sweetest thing. She adores babies.

Another thing I love is hearing how thoughtful my son has been. Although I haven’t had the pleasure of hearing his nightly prayers because they’re done regularly with his Daddy; my husband has told me he’s been praying for her every night. I have to say, his littlest sister is coming into the world with the best big brother! It makes my heart so full.

img_9945-1What I’m looking forward to:

I’m so excited to see my baby’s ultrasound anatomy scan this week. I’ll get to view my bundle of joy’s crown to rump. I’m hoping to sneak a few pictures to share with all of you soon.

Again thank you for all your love, prayers and support. God bless!

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