Baby #3 Bumpdate: The Last Stretch

After a wonderful Babymoon in Alaska, we have been eagerly preparing for the arrival of our 2nd baby girl. We’ve made sleeping adjustments, closet organizational changes and updates to our registry. The next step is celebrating with our friends and family at the Baby Shower! We can’t wait to begin to celebrate! In the meantime, I am ready to begin my last stretch of this pregnancy!

Overall, it’s really been an exciting journey anticipating this new bundle of joy. I know that I have been extremely blessed throughout this pregnancy with very little discomfort and difficulties. It’s all been an answer to prayer!

Nevertheless, being pregnant and over the age of 35, medically I have entered an “at risk zone” where there’s a higher probability for challenges or complications throughout the pregnancy and delivery. For those of you that don’t know, it usually comes with a longer list of recommended tests for the baby and I. Sadly what medical professionals have left out, some people around me like remind me how my aged body will respond to the pregnancy with aches and discomfort. Yet, I’ve worked hard to refuse those claims and kept my faith for a healthy and easy pregnancy. After all this precious gift is from God; God made my body to have babies and He redeemed me from every curse associated with this earth. With God, age is more of a number reflecting experience and wisdom, rather than body aches and disabilities. So, I’ve doing my part to keep myself healthy and strong. I know He’ll do the rest.


What I’m feeling:

As we draw closer to the day I get to hold my baby girl, I get butterflies in my tummy and I began to wonder what it will be like having two little girls. I don’t have any biological sisters. I grew up with two boys and I am the eldest. I had so many reservations about my first girl and now I’m going to have two little girls! God certainly has a way of making me grow.

Before long, I will be combing the hair of two little girls every morning, and braiding their hair every night after a bath. Then I begin to ponder how will I feed three mouths, five times a day (or more). I feel like my kiddos are constantly hungry. These thoughts and more can easily overwhelm me. The good news is I know I have nothing to worry about. God has blessed me with a very supportive husband and my two toddlers are really helpful little beings. I’m not alone. Plus I have beautiful examples of other moms in my life that have 3 or more babies. I can raise these babies by God’s grace, wisdom and strength.

What I can’t stand:

Recently, I’ve felt my little girl so low the pressure has made it extremely difficult to do my runs as normal. Sadly, I’ve had to stop and become creative with my cardio routines. Which I’ll admit has been demotivating. Thankfully, I was recently received a recommendation from a friend about Bao Bei Maternity‘s Speedbump Sport (Maternity) Band. I can’t wait to get it and try it out!

What I love:

The flutters, kicks, hiccups and squiggles letting me know she’s present, growing and alive touches my heart every time. Pregnancy is truly amazing and a marvelous miracle of God. It fascinates me.

What I’m looking forward to:

I’m really looking forward to celebrating with friends and family at my baby shower next month. Not only do I love planning events and parties, but sharing these precious memories with those that are dear to my heart make it special. And oh yes we will be revealing the name of our baby girl at the baby shower! So stay tuned. I plan on sharing the baby shower and the baby’s name in my next bumpdate!

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