How Being a Mom of 3 Has Changed Me

I’ve been a mom of three kids (4 years and under) for only four months and I can’t believe how much my life has changed for the better! Honestly the idea of 3 kids all under school-age did have my heart skip a beat. Since I have that A-type personality, I adore organization and order in my home. Yet with three munchkins, I kept thinking of how I was going to maintain what I hold dear. Nevertheless, I’m happy to share how expanding my family has been far more of a blessing than just added “stress”, like some might think. It has changed me.

20First off, I’m actually achieving some of my goals I used to struggle with when I only had two kids. Who would’ve guessed early morning prayer would become easier? I vividly remember the difficulty of trying to get up early in the morning to pray. My first daughter, Milana seemed to need my attention throughout the night and I didn’t seem to catch any breaks in the morning. Although I desired to have some consistent quiet time with God, I felt like I was constantly juggling my responsibilities as a wife and mom, that I never achieved the consistent daily appointments of God I hoped for. What has changed? Now my toddlers sleep throughout the night and my infant, is my alarm. After Maciella’s last feeding, rather than going back to sleep, I stay up to have that early morning, quiet time with God. Nothing compares to that special time with my Heavenly Father. I’m strengthened, refreshed and given the confidence I need to conquer any task that will come my way.

Another one of my desired goals was to meal prep. I don’t know why I was always intimidated by the feat of cooking several meals at once. Meal planning for the upcoming week came easy to me, but to actually take the time to cook them all felt impossible. Before Maciella, I’d look at other moms on their Instagram accounts, wondering how these supermoms had the time or effort to meal prep like they did. 24Now that we have 3 kids, I can’t see how I can survive without the meal planning and prepping. Juan and I have restructured our weekends to accommodate what feels like the necessity of meal prepping. I absolutely love it! Every Sunday, we block out time to cook what feels like a thanksgiving feast: 6-7 dinners, a week’s worth of snacks and lunches. Meal prepping has help us stay within our food budget (a previous struggle), it keeps us on track with our healthy meals (I cook more balanced meals) and meals are readily available for hungry little tummies.

Having multiple children at home has definitely taught me how to better manage my time. There is no time to be idle, so if I want to make anything happen, I have to plan it! Because I am a planner, I have no reservations about diving into my calendar. I’ll be the first to plan the day hour by hour. In this season of my life, I still have dreams, and goals that I want to achieve. They, without question, will never be achieved if I sit around hoping for them to become my reality. I have to seize every day, and take one step closer to making my dreams come true. Even if this mom of three has to take tiny steps forward, at the end of this year, I’m going to see the effort and the progress I’ve made, because I chose to manage my time. I know I become a better mom and an overall person when I feel the sense of accomplishment.

29Lastly, watching my first two miracles get older, it’s apparent how fast babies really do grow. Sometimes what is most important is investing into them, cherishing the special moments and taking time to talk rather than cleaning the house and rushing out of the home to the next event. Some things are never going to change. Like laundry, there’s always a load that needs to be done but I won’t always have my two-year-old ask me to read to her. I admit I still struggle with letting somethings go but I remind myself, undoubtedly there will be a time to clean the kitchen and pick up the toys.

Sure motherhood changes every women. Anytime I’m around other moms there’s often an instant connection of empathy. We get it! We’re stretched everyday! The tired nights, the early mornings, the countless meals, the lost socks, the clean ups, but they come with the I-love-yous, the sweet hugs and adoring snuggles. As mothers, some lessons we learn may be hard ones, others a little easier, but we become better for it. While my family expands, I feel like I do too. I mature. I grow. I learn. I change.

To all my fellow moms out there. You’re not alone. You can do this. You’re extraordinary. You are the superwoman of your home, You are appreciated.

Praying for you!



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