Baby #3 Bumpdate: Bye-Bye First Trimester!

Can you hear the voices of a thousand of angels singing? I can! They’re ringing in the start of my second trimester! Why? No more nausea! No more fatigue! No more morning sickness! I say to my second trimester, “Bring on the ENERGY and SLEEP!” 

Although, I truly have nothing to complain about. God has been extraordinary gracious to me. Throughout all my three pregnancies, my first trimester has been nothing worse than extreme fatigue. My heart goes out to all those mamas that have dealt with the severe nausea, vomiting and bed rest. You are all remarkable women in my book! May God bless you and your babies!

Still, the month of February had its whirlwinds for my family and I. We dealt with my exhaustion, nausea, head colds and my family had food poisoning. I literally felt bed-ridden for weeks! Thanks to my hubby and lots of prayer, we conquered it all! Needless to say, we are excited about March and the rays of California sunshine it will bring!

My First Ultrasound at 8 Weeks

What I’m feeling: 

I’m feeling excited, refreshed and new! Unfortunately, I felt very frustrated in February. I wasn’t my most productive self and I hardly worked out. Now that I’m embarking on the second trimester, I plan on getting back in shape! I want to regain the tone I lost in my legs and arms, and to get my cardio going again. Don’t worry it’s all Doctor approved!

What I’m craving:

Honestly my cravings change from day to day. One day I’ll really want a mocha milkshake and the next day grapefruit. Also, I can’t seem to get enough of jalapenos! Yum! Confession: I sometimes daydream of sushi. What I would give for some ahi tuna.

What I can’t stand:

My “past” favorite teas! I’m so sad. In my pre-pregnancy days, I’d start my day with an earl grey tea or a jasmine-green tea. Admittedly, I still sometimes make myself a cup of tea out of habit or in hopes my feelings have changed, but I can’t get myself to even drink a sip.

What I love:

The pride my son (Matteo) has for his future little sibling and the joy my daughter (Milana) has when she hears the baby’s heartbeat. Don’t be surprised, if you know us personally, to be greeted by my son with a picture of his soon-to-be baby brother or sister. He bares his own ultrasound picture with pride. Matteo and Milana’s adoration for the new baby assures me this baby will be overwhelmed with love.

Grow our little one in God’s grace and favor. We are eagerly waiting for you.”img_8715

What I‘m looking forward to:

I cannot wait to feel my baby’s first flutters and kicks. It’s a such an incredible feeling. It’s a beautiful reminder of the miracle taking place inside of me. I’m constantly in awe of God and how remarkable He is. His ability to creates us in our mother’s womb with the complexity of every body part is extraordinary. I love how awesome my God is!

See our baby announcement here.

Ps 139:13 “You made all the delicate, inner parts of my body and knit me together in my mother’s womb.”

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