Baby #3 Bumpdate: Waiting for Macee

If you haven’t heard or haven’t quite read my baby shower blog post, we have announced our baby girl’s name: “Maciella Amore” (pronounced “Mas-e-Ella”). We decided to continue with the “M” theme for all our kiddos. I admit it felt difficult at first trying to find an original name beginning with the letter “M”. Even after we came across “Maciella”, I wrestled with it. I wasn’t sure if I wanted a name for my daughter that others would struggle pronouncing. Nevertheless my husband insisted. He loved the uniqueness of the name and its meaning.

In Spanish, “mas” means “more”,  “ceilo” means sky or heaven and in Italian,  “Amore” means love. So we felt Maciella Amore couldn’t be a more appropriate name. She will be adding more of heaven and love into our home.

In regards to the spelling,  We decided to go with a “c” in lieu of a “s” because we intend to nickname her “Macee”- a French influenced name for “gift of God”. If you can’t tell, we are big on the meaning of our children’s names. Since we’ll be speaking their names often, we figure we should call our children names that have a positive meaning; we are firm believers in speaking positive at all times. Mark 11:24 reminds us: “We have what we say!” I want to say and believe good things for my children.

What I’m feeling:

Nesting is in full effect! I sincerely love organizing and decorating, so right now I’m living the dream! I’ve redecorated my kiddos’ rooms and now I’m doing final touches to the baby’s room. I’m in cloud nine!

On an unfortunate note, I’ve also been feeling some back discomfort. I’m assuming it’s because she’s getting bigger and her weight is changing my center of gravity. It’s times like these I’m so thankful for my hubby stepping it up with household chores. For the first time in five years, I’ve been able to take baths on occasion.

My other back saver, has been Bao Bei Maternity. They’ve designed several incredible bands that provide great support for your back while your baby grows. I love my SpeedBUMP Sport Band and I wear it constantly throughout the week. It’s helped me stay active with my toddlers and maintain my workouts. I highly recommend them for pre- and post-baby.

Sleeping at night with several pillows has finally lost its appeal. I feel like every month I’m adding another pillow to my side of the bed. I feel like I’ve created pillow barriers on both sides of my body and it’s formed a tunnel of heat. At this point, I’m burning up and I desperately need the AC or fan to keep cool throughout the night. Bless my husband’s sleep, Lord, for putting up with my sleeping conditions.

What I’m craving: 

Oooooo I’ve been on ICE CREAM crave!! I love it too with almonds and bananas! In fact, right now I’m think I’m going to make me a bowl!

What I love:

I love all the precious moments that have recently transpired. For example, now that Macee’s bones are more developed my husband has been able to enjoy her movements. Matteo and Milana are starting to show more signs that they are going to be Mommy’s perfect helpers. Milana has renamed her “I am a Big Sister” book to “Lana and Macee”. Which I find adorable. I just adore my growing family!

What I’m looking forward to:

I have five weeks to go and I am seriously in no hurry to meet my baby girl. I’m basking in the joys of my family of four! However, If you check back with me in September, I’ll probably be singing another tune. Yet right now, I have so many at-home projects I’d like to get done. I like taking advantage of the fact that my toddlers are finally at a stage of independent play. I’m keeping in mind in two months, my home may not be as clean when Macee arrives or my homeschooling routine may be in a disarray and that’s okay. I’ll be enjoying the beautiful chaos of watching over a preschooler, toddler and newborn. A big shoutout to all the Mamas out there that learn how to juggle new responsibilities. May we always keep God first, our husbands second and our children third! God loves a beautiful balance and He is always there to guide us along life’s adventurous journey (Prov 11:1).

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