My Last Baby #3 Bumpdate: My Reflections

Honestly I’m shocked! Perhaps not for the reason you think. No, our little Macee hasn’t arrived, which I’m ecstatic about because I really want a September baby. What I am amazed about is my weight gain!

photo credit: Mike Phan Photography

All three of my pregnancies I exercised regularly and maintained a healthy balanced diet. During my first pregnancy I was supervising an after school program, so I was doing extensive walking and lifting. I would even meet my fellow pregnant friend after work, to walk more! My second pregnancy, I religiously followed an old DVD program from Lindsey Brin’s Mom into Fitness. Yet despite my efforts to maintain a healthy pregnancy, I still gained above average (well over 40lbs) in both pregnancies!

Thankfully my midwife, is very aware of my workout routine and diet. I’ve had her throughout all three of my pregnancies. She didn’t grill me about the weight gain. She knows how hard I work at maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Still, I was very discouraged to have to tackle the feat of dropping so much weight. I wanted to get back to my pre-preganancy weight. I would’ve rather worked down from a 25lb or 30lb weight gain than 40+lbs!

img_2607When it came to this pregnancy, I expected my weight gain to be the same-above average again. Sure enough at 4 months, I was already above the curve. I tried not to allow the numbers to discourage me. I decided I was going to keep up with my No Excuse Mom workouts (free workouts for moms in our community provided by a non-profit organization) for as long as I could. Then one day I had a prenatal appointment with an OB I never met. Right away she began to lecture me on my weight. I really felt defeated. Once she mentioned I needed to start (at least) walking, I wanted to laugh. If she only knew how many times I worked out a week and the rigor of my workouts. Sadly, she never even asked if I exercised. She only assumed I didn’t. I had no desire to defend myself. I just kept listening to her lecture. The following prenatal appointment was with my midwife again, and she assured me all was well. From that point on, I vowed to stop caring about my weight.


It wasn’t until my 38th week of pregnancy, I decided it was time for me to assess my weight gain. I wanted to know how hard was I going to have to work postpartum.  To my amazement my weigh-in was much lower than I anticipated. I asked to look at my weight chart to confirm my suspicions. Sure enough, I only gained 20lbs so far! My weight gain curve took a large dip somewhere at the end of my second trimester. I was now below the average. I couldn’t believe it!

I immediately began to analyze why my weight gain tapered. A couple weeks ago in an irregularly scheduled ultrasound, I did find out my little Macee is a petite, like her mama. So of course that affects my weight amount. Furthermore, I didn’t get the swollen feet, face and legs like most pregnant mamas sadly fall victim to, especially for summer pregnancies. Overall, I’m thinking it’s because of all the water I drank (and I drink A LOT). Not to mention, the workouts I completed with my local No Excuse Mom (NEM) group. I went back and compared my current regime to my previous pregnancies. To my amazement, the workouts I complete with my NEM group are far more rigorous. The accountability of my fellow mamas and the responsibility of leading a group twice a week throughout my pregnancy dramatically changed the definition of a “healthy pregnancy” for me.

Photo credit: Mike Phan Photography

Now, I’m finding myself excited about my “bounce back” to my pre-pregnacy weight. I don’t know how long it will take but I know i can do it! My goal was to maintain a healthy, hydrated pregnancy and I did it! Regardless of what number of pounds I end this pregnancy with, I am healthy and happy. That’s what is most valuable to my family, baby and I!

What I find humorous…

I really feel like this pregnancy went by so incredibly fast. I’m nearly full term, yet the last 39 weeks felt like a blink. I’m sure it has a lot to do with the little preschoolers I have at home. There’s truly never a dull moment. I found myself rushing to prepare for Macee’s arrival and almost anxious that I wouldn’t have everything ready. FYI, organization is practically synonymous to happiness for me. Pray for me! Although I can stand a moderate amount of untidiness, I have threshold. 

Funny thing, I can remember being pregnant with Matteo, my first born. It felt like he was never going to come. I would look at my baby apps nearly everyday to see how he’s grown and developed. Juan and I would watch countless videos on baby development and births. It felt like our prenatal appointments were too far apart. We couldn’t wait to hear his heartbeat. But with baby #3, it was like we were always rushing to make every appointment. I downloaded the baby app but I never looked at it, and I don’t think I’ve even seen one video. If it wasn’t for my son asking about the size of his growing sister, I would’ve never known what fruit or veggie she equated to. Don’t get me wrong, we adored seeing her on the ultrasound and hearing her “choo-choo” heartbeat, as my daughter would put it. All I can say is it must be the differences between a first time mom and a mom that has been around the block a couple times. They are almost as dramatically different as night is to day. Or is it just me?

What I’m looking forward to eating after delivery…

Let’s talk food!!! I’m over ice cream and chocolate cravings. Bring me some ahi poke, sushi and an antipasto tray. I’m ready to dive into some brie.


What I am feeling…

At this point in a pregnancy, you’re probably used to hearing the rantings and ravings of a tired pregnant mama. Seriously, I just can’t jump on that boat right now. I have too much to be grateful for. Not that I don’t have my moments, because I do. I’m just choosing to be thankful.

Right now, the California Valley (where I live) is experiencing hopefully it’s last heat wave of the year, Texas is recovering from a massive hurricane and we are hearing threats of another hurricane against Florida. Yet here I am at 4 am, in my comfortable bed with the air conditioner on. My little M & M’s (son, Matteo and daughter, Milana) have already made their way from their toddler beds to my bed. They’re all snuggled up to their dad and I. I have all that I need and I just can’t see how I can complain about anything. Lord knows my daughter will not enter a perfect world. Still my job as her mother, is to help her focus not on the imperfections of this world, but cleave to hope and trust in God.

To all the mothers that dare to have babies in a world that’s changing…I know the thoughts that can enter our minds, the fears that can come knocking at our hearts and the wonder if what we teach and do for our children is ever enough to protect them from the dangers that are out there. Just remember you’re not alone. God is with us! Don’t underestimate his desire to help you. He’s just a prayer away! For more encouragement, read my posts on How to Conquer Parenting fears Part I and How to Conquer Parenting fears Part 2.

Stay tuned for my birth story!

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