Mommy Life: Log Entry 3

It’s that time again where I share my ridiculous mommy adventures with you! Remember this is a no judgement zone where we can freely share with one another our parenting moments in hopes to gain some comical relief from our day-to-day parent grind.

If you haven’t already read my Mommy Life: Log Entry 2 or Log Entry 1. They are definitely worth the read. You’ll realize you’re not alone in your parenting woes and victories!

“Help us Lord to remember this is only for a season. It too will pass!” Here’s to enjoying our journey with our little ones!

That moment when…

  • There’s an obvious distinction between when Daddy shares a Bible story verses Mommy. Personally I like to share the G-rated version of particular storiimg_4369es to my 3 & 1 year-old. My husband prefers to tell every gritty detail of the story. One day I overheard my husband reciting the story of Cain and Abel with all of its dramatic goriness as a bedtime story! I just shook my head. I had literally just shared the same bible story the day before, however my rendition went something like: “…and Cain gave Abel a BIG owie.” Now I’m wondering if my son is going to redefine “owie” as murder. I foresee some interesting conversations in our future.
  • We’re getting dressed for Library Story Time and my son turns to me and says, “Mom you need to put on some clothes! Miss Tabin (the Children’s Librarian) doesn’t want to see your booty!” Well, thanks for the reminder bud! I’ll keep that in mind.
  • When you really needed your coffee and fail to get some, it can lead to a rough start. That was me on this particular day. In fact, I was a complete mess! I walk into Michael’s, a local arts and craft store, determined to use my coupons. Normally, I have a history of leaving them in my car, but this time I’m prepared by using a coupon app on my phone. After conversing with the cashier on which coupon I want to use on my phone, I hand over my phone to him and I switch my attention to my toddlers. In a matter of moments, I begin to freak out! I can’t find my phone! I frantically search my cart, purse and kids. As a last resort, I literally ask the cashier, “Can I please use your phone to call my cell?” The cashier looks at me with the most pitiful look, like I’ve lost all my marbles. I then look at his hands. He is still holding my phone from when I gave it to him for the transaction. I had nothing to say. There were literally no words I could say to explain my behavior to this young, unmarried guy with no children. Perhaps one day he’d understand.
  • img_2200My 8 month daughter screams out my name when she’s pushing out her poo! It was like one hard push and one LONG, loud “MOM”!! I look at her and say, “What”? With watery, pink eyes she smiled. It was a diaper explosion. Just another precious mommy moment.
  • I’m wondering ‘Is this what over 35 looks like? Or is it because I’m a parent?” My husband and I are 36 years young, and we are 5 days apart. After celebrating both of our special days in October, I began to reflect on how we spent our birthdays. To my amazement we both took a nap on our birthday. I was shocked! Generally we try to live up every moment and squeeze as many activities into our day as possible. Apparently we have a new way to celebrate. Bring on the blankets! I want to hibernate for my birthday! Is it possible to make-up a years worth of sleepless nights in one day? Not sure, but I’m up for trying! Until my next birthday!
  • You’re really trying to encourage your son to go the potty by himself. It’s after church and we are in a hurry to grab a bite to eat before my small (discipleship) group begins at my house. My husband is putting my daughter into her car seat and I’m trying to multi-task. I’m helping my son take off his jacket and backpack, and I’m starting the car so it warms up. Once I return to pick up my son into the car, I immediately feel wet. I’m completely puzzled. I look down and I see my son’s pants are down. He decided to go to the bathroom in the parking lot before he got in the car, which I was completely unaware. Now I have pee all over my leg, on my boots and it’s dripping down inside, under by boots down to my feet. Thankfully my husband takes over and applauded my son for not having an accident and taking initiative. On the other hand I’m still shocked. I thought the “getting peed on” days were over. I humbly grab some wipes and begin cleaning myself.
  • Just when I think the most embarrassing events have already happened to me, I out do myself! I’m in a hurry to our local Library Story time and I just finished leading a No Excuse Mom vwpi6362workout at a park. My son decides he’s going to be a social butterfly and ignore my pleadings to hurry up and get in the car. My baby girl, being so patient didn’t make one complaint while we waited for her brother to get in the car. Since he was walking at a snail pace, I decided to warm up the car and turn on my daughter’s favorite music. After sometime, I’m realizing my son is needing some extra persuasion to come inside the car. After a short lecture, I go to put him in the car. In that moment all my blood left my face and my heart stopped. I locked the doors! My baby girl was locked inside the car while it was running! Thank God! I have my phone. I immediately call my husband (unfortunately, our roadside insurance is under his name and they require him to make the call). Notoriously, my husband doesn’t normally answer his personal cell phone at work; however by a miracle, he picks up. I quickly give him instructions without a full explanation. In the same moment, I turn to my son. He had an accident! His pants are all wet. Story Time is no longer a priority to me, it’s more like a distant idea. However, to my son, no Story time means the end of the world. He bursts in tears knowing he is not going to make it. Meanwhile my baby girl is surprisingly content in the car listening to music, but I can tell she is starting to wonder why is her mother and brother just standing outside her door. I was so grateful to see AAA arrive in record timing. All was well, aside from my heart being in overdrive for 15mins even though it felt like an hour.

Now it’s your turn! Do you have an epic mommy or daddy moment? Please share it with us. Motherhood is filled with so many adventures. It helps to have a good sense of humor. Let’s laugh together. Laughter does the heart good, like medicine!

Want to read more? Click this link for Mommy Life: Log Entry 2 or this link for Mommy Life: Log Entry 1.


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